Welcome to InflatableBee.com

My name is Rocky. I’m owner of InflatableBee.com website. I’m an engineer, a husband and father of 3-year-old son.

People often perceive an engineer as a computer geek spending most of the time with computer. Well, while it’s true that I do spend a lot of time on computer, I find it necessary to have work-life balance and I do really love funny outdoor activities. I came across bubble ball game when I watch it on TV and find it’s super fun to play this game with friends and family.

So I think, why not building a website around this game and I decided to make one…but I’m not building InflatableBee site just for fun. I would like to make InflatableBee as number #1 resource about inflatable products such as bubble ball, zorb ball, water ball etc. where I share professional tips, guidance about this game.

I hope you find the information you need on this website.

If you have any questions or ask us more question, contact me at rocky [at] inflatablebee.com