Your Guide to Buying a Bubble Ball


As the scientific research on concussive-related injuries becomes more widespread, concerned parents and guardians all over the world are looking for alternatives to traditional football and other dangerous contact sports. After all, we want our younger generation to have fun, burn energy, and maintain a physically fit lifestyle, but the risks associated with traditional contact sports tend to outweigh the potential benefits. Thus, the rise of bubble balls makes perfect sense in this day and age.

Bubble balls are taking the world by storm and becoming increasingly popular by the day. As the latest craze in alternative sporting equipment, these life-size containment balls resemble gigantic sumo wrestler suits and they allow you to play a wide variety of customized games ranging from capture the flag and roller relays to bubble football and the aforementioned bubble soccer. However, it’s important to note the obvious twist thrown into the mix: human bumper cars. Not only is it wildly exhilarating and fun to climb into an enormous ball and bump into other people; it is also extremely safe and secure.

According to the National Association of Bubble Soccer (NABS), concussive-related injuries such as whiplash and impact concussions have been nonexistent in the realm of bubble sports. This is a far cry from the concussions occurring in college football, for example, with more than 120 universities reporting over 500 concussions from 2013-2015 alone. Therefore, it’s important to note that bubble sports were designed with safety and inclusive protection in mind, which is why so many schools, camps, and outdoor event organizers turn to this new-age game for a fun time.

Now that you know a bit more about bubble sports in general, let’s get digging into the marketplace to identify where to buy bubble balls, how much they cost, and how to go about acquiring one for yourself!

The Bubble Ball Marketplace


You can quite literally buy anything online, from fresh food and new shoes to plots of land and even an experimental Lockheed Martin military boat (go figure), so it makes a lot of sense to start your bubble ball shopping excursion on the Internet. However, due to the fact that the World Wide Web is chock-full of false advertisements and overstated product descriptions, it’s important to understand the significance of smart shopping and diligent research. So whether you wish to buy a single bubble ball or an entire armada for a large group, taking the time to scour the Internet for the best products is all but mandatory.

In order to avoid the issues commonly associated with online shopping, you should visit the websites of the most reputable e-commerce suppliers such as Wal-Mart, Target, and QVC. But you’ll quickly notice that the selection of bubble balls is quite meager, largely due to the fact that it’s a specialized and narrowly focused product and it hasn’t permeated the cultural zeitgeist yet. Amazon, on the other hand, features a seemingly limitless assortment of bubble balls in a host of different shapes and sizes so logging onto their website is your best bet.

Top 5 Bubble Ball Products on Amazon

Shown below are the top five bubble ball products on; feel free to use it as a comparison chart to aid your research efforts.


Model Cost Description Reason to Buy

AECOJOY Inflatable Human Bumper Ball


Check best price on Amazon

▪ Includes one large adult/teen size ball.

▪ 1.0MM PVC construction.

▪ 4’ diameter.

▪ Transparent color.

▪ Patch kit with repair glue included.

This bubble ball is perfect for schools, leisure centers, parks, and parties. The durable construct minimizes the potential of breakage from twigs and branches, although it isn’t suitable for small children as the ball is fairly heavy.

Ancheer Inflatable Knocker Ball


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▪ Includes one one-size-fits-all ball.

▪ 0.8MM thermoplastic polyurethane construction.

▪ Handle and shoulder straps built in.

▪ 5’ diameter.

This particular model is widely used in play centers and amusement parks because it’s the perfect size and weight for children. The interior handles and ergonomic shoulder straps reinforce a comfortable fit and superior safety.

Magic Time Bubble Soccer Ball



Check best price on Amazon

▪ Includes one bubble ball and two repair patches.

▪ 1.0MM PVC construction.

▪  Inflates to 4’+ in diameter.

▪ 8lbs weight.

▪ Two adjustable nylon shoulder straps.

▪ Foam-padded handles on both sides.

▪ Quick release valve for easy deflation.

As an affordable model geared towards small children, this bubble ball is perfect for daycare centers and community playgrounds. Features a lightweight design, which is perfect for pre-teens, although it tends to break fairly easily along the seams if adults are bumping into each other.

Holleyweb Blue Inflatable Bubble Ball



Check best price on Amazon

▪ Includes one large size ball.

▪ 0.8MM PVC construction.

▪ Non-toxic, colorless, and tasteless.

▪ 5’ height, 4.16’ width.

▪ 22.6lbs weight.

▪ Blue color.

▪ Includes zipper oil, 20M rope storage bag, and full instruction booklet.

This is the as-seen-on-TV model from BBC Sport. It is ideal for outdoor athletic events as the durable construction makes it perfect for teens and adults. Geared towards bubble ball games such as “last man standing,” “body zorb football,” and “capture the flag.” Manufacturer offers limited replacement warranty on breakages.

PACKGOUT Inflatable Body Giga Bumper Balls



Check best price on Amazon

▪ Includes two 36” bumper balls.

▪ 45-day replacement guarantee.

▪ Includes two repair patch kits and detailed instruction booklet.

Given the fact that this product comes with TWO bumper balls, it provides the best bang for your buck. It is perfect for children playing in the backyard or summertime camps. Lightweight design encourages maneuverability without sacrificing safety.


Picking the Right Model

As you review the above comparison chart, it’s important to understand that you’ll have to pay a premium for superior quality. In this regard, the Holleyweb Blue Inflatable Ball features the highest rating, best safety features, and the longest-lasting construction. This particular model has been used in reputable bubble soccer competitions for a few years, which ensures that it’s durable and secure and adheres to the NABS guidelines for safe competition. The Holleyweb model is perfect for beginners and veterans alike so it’s a fantastic product regardless of whether you’ve just started playing bubble sports or have been playing for years.

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