Who Can You Contact For Bubble Soccer in Boston?



bubble soccer in boston

Bubble soccer is one of the best team activities you can enjoy holding in the Boston area. There are numerous groups today that can help you start up any activities relating to bubble soccer in Boston. Here are a few of the best choices you have to work with.

Bubble Soccer USA

Bubble Soccer USA has a number of locations around the country with one of its most popular being right in Boston. The group offers several rental packages for your use including options for up to five hours of game play. You will get ten bubbles and all the necessary goals and other materials you need to get a bubble soccer game up and running. The group especially works with outdoor environments in mind, particularly with both natural grass and artificial turf surfaces.

The group can be contacted online at http://www.bubblesoccerusa.com/suppliers/massachusetts/bubble-soccer-boston/ for added assistance. A contact form is on that site. You can fill it out today to get information on whatever you might be interested in having for such an event.

Boston Bubble Soccer

The next choice to look at is Boston Bubble Soccer, a group based on State Street near Blue and Orange Line stations. The group offers soccer suit rentals around all parts of Boston. The group proudly rents out such bubbles for players of all age groups and works with open fields of all sorts while providing you with the materials needed to get a game running.

The interesting point about the group is that it offers its services as a means of funding a much larger bubble soccer league that the group is aiming to support. The National Association of Bubble Soccer is responsible for keeping this particular group up and running.

More information on this group can be found online at http://www.nationalbubblesoccer.com/boston. The group has information on renting out items online to help you get the most out of entertainment here.

MA Sports Leaguez

The MA Sports Leaguez group is a place that has many bubble soccer activities. You can enjoy an hour of bubble soccer with all the necessary materials available for your use. The group works around many venues in the Boston area including the Boston University FitRec Center and the Hab, a popular indoor venue located in Uxbridge.

The bubble soccer rentals offered here include services for up to five hours of gameplay. It provides people with ten inflatable balls at a time and can be found in a number of sizes. Every bit of equipment you need for getting a match up and running will be provided to you as you get a proper rental going.

You can get in touch with MA Sports Leaguez at http://masportsleagues.com/. You can also get in touch with them by phone at 978-408-3773. It is best to get in touch well in advance to ensure that the materials you require for an event will actually be available for your use for any kind of special occasion.

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