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Bubble soccer is hot right now. It’s one of the best outdoor activities to have fun with your friends or your family that you can think of. However, many people are reluctant to try this game out because they are still having some unanswered questions in mind. In this post today, I’ll go over some commonly asked questions about bubble soccer and try to make it clear for you.

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What is bubble soccer called?

Bubble soccer is also called inflatable soccer or human hamster soccer among other things. This is a type of fun activity that involves people running around in larger inflatable bubble materials. It can also be known as bubble football in countries where the game of soccer is known by that title.

Bubble soccer is designed to be a fun way to play a traditional game of soccer. With this, people can safely bump into each other and have fun tumbling around on the pitch as a game goes along. It is a very prominent type of game for all people to check out when looking for ways to have fun.

Where is bubble soccer played?

Bubble soccer can be played in any kind of spot that one wants to get a game set up in. A typical outdoor field will make for a good spot although an indoor fieldhouse or another athletic venue with wide-open floors will work just as well.

Bubble soccer can be played on most types of flat surfaces. It should not be played on any concrete surface as such a space can easily cause a ball to tear up depending on how jagged a surface might be.

Who invented bubble soccer?

Bubble soccer was developed in 2011 in Norway by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden. They started the activity as a joke of sorts but they soon realized that this activity can make for a great event for all sorts of special occasions. It can be used for birthday parties, corporate retreats and team-building events among other fun things. Some recreational sporting activities can also take place in your local community with these bubble soccer suits. There are no real limits as to what you can do when getting a bubble soccer game up and running.

Where to rent bubble soccer suits?

The places that you can rent bubble soccer suits from will vary based on where you are. If you’re in the United States then you can contact the Bubble Soccer USA website for more information on getting a bubble soccer match ready. This includes getting different items ordered for an event. You should be able to rent ten bubble suits and a pair of goals to help make the game work well no matter where you are.

Other groups in your area can always be contacted to help you with getting bubble soccer materials ready. The services available for your use will vary so make sure you look around carefully to find good places that offer quality bubble soccer suits that you can use for a variety of events.

What are bubble soccer balls made of?

Bubble soccer balls are made of strong PVC plastic materials. This is a sturdy option that is easy to handle in a variety of situations will not tear all that easily. It is also flexible enough to handle being inflated quickly.

TPC materials can also be used in some balls. This is for more heavy-duty or league-oriented events.

How heavy is a bubble soccer ball?

A typical ball will weigh about 10 to 20 pounds on average. It should be easy for a person to run around wearing one of these balls although the size of a ball should be considered carefully. Typical balls are 1.5 meters in diameter and can fit most people with ease. Weight limits of about 230 pounds are typically imposed on such balls.

How do you inflate a bubble soccer ball?

An electric air pump will typically be used to get a bubble soccer ball properly inflated. Such a pump can be applied to get enough air into a proper port located inside the ball. The key is to watch for how well the ball inflated so it will not take in too much air and become too firm. It might be at risk of ruptures if it is inflated by far too much.

How do you patch a bubble soccer ball?

There may be times when a bubble soccer ball is damaged from use. In the event of a puncture, a proper patch and sealant material may be applied. A good patch surface should be fully transparent like the rest of the ball. The sealant material can be applied into the puncture spot and in areas around the region. This is to keep any punctures from potentially becoming worse than what they might already be like.

How do you clean a bubble soccer ball?

Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used to get bubble soccer balls cleaned off. This is a useful disinfectant that helps to clean off all sorts of surfaces that participants get into. It works well around the area that a person wears and will also evaporate like any other gas in an area. This allows you to quickly get a surface cleaned off without any problems, thus making it an efficient and suitable option for your cleaning needs. This also helps with getting rid of any odors that come about.

In addition to hydrogen peroxide, a good damp cloth can be used to clean off the outside parts of a ball. This works best when a smooth cloth is used and also when the bubble is properly deflated. At this point, it should be rather easy for the ball to be cleaned off and brushed off as needed.

How long does a bubble soccer match go for?

A bubble soccer event can last for a brief period of time. It typically entails two halves that are twelve minutes each. That total can be shortened to ten minutes in the event of a lack of light. The halftime period will last for about five minutes. Some allowances can be used for any time that is lost during substitutions or other things that occur like when a ball goes out of bounds. The rules for how long a match can go on for are relatively flexible as people can make their own decisions on how long a match can go for.

How much are bubble soccer suits available for?

You can typically find bubble soccer suits for about $50 in most cases. Some high-end models might cost around $100 with such models being more suitable for more intense forms of gameplay.

You will have to get the budget for such balls organized carefully. You will need to get five players on each side during a match.

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