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Bass speakers on the ground

4 Mar I cringe every time I see a small speaker sitting on the floor. It all but guarantees they'll sound dull because most of their midrange and treble detail will never make it up to your ears. The one good thing about putting speakers on the floor is their bass output will be boosted, relative to what a bookshelf. 29 May If you live above somebody else, reconsider the idea of resting your speakers on the floor. Each building has its own weird acoustics (especially the old ones), so you might unknowingly amplify the sound for them. Maybe add a bass trap if you' re prone to listen to bass heavy music. Even carpeted floor tiles. 2 Jul In-Ground: These options allow you to bury to bulk to the speaker underground. Rocks and Planters: This option can blend that sound in with the outdoor scenery . When it comes to outdoor speakers and subwoofers, placement is really important. After all, you aren't just trying to fill the backyard, but you're.

Almost all of my favorite local players leave there cabs on the floor and I can hear them just fine, but others (non bass players) have said there sound sometimes lacks definition. How much does speaker placement matter when it comes to the audience hearing you? I always feel I have a well defined. If the mid/HF enclosures are on stage and the bass enclosures are on the floor in front of the stage (a couple of feet further forward, as well as closer in height to the audience), delaying the feed to the bass speakers by a couple of milliseconds will improve the time alignment of bass and mid/HF components. It isn't practically .


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