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Feb Beta 2 software is now publicly available. For customers who cannot tolerate failure or use EFILive software production environment, EFILive strongly suggests ONLY installing public release software or pre-release software. Aug 30, I keep readin there is a demo version of EFIlive I can download to look at, as I am trying to decide between Efilive or HPT to tune my truck. If I could find the darn link a LITTLE easier, then I might be more influenced to swing this way.. basically, all I want is to play with a non functioning version and I will be. Feb 13, EFILive is pleased to release support for Cummins HD On-Road vehicles. + on-road vehicles are fitted with a Green J plug with a different pin-out and communications protocol compared to the and earlier vehicles which were typically fitted with a Black J plug. Read More.

These drivers are provided for customers who wish to manually upgrade/ downgrade/manage their USB drivers. The drivers are automatically installed when their respective software packages are installed and usually do not need to be downloaded and installed manually. EFILive Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8). Jan 5, Recalibrating speedometer using EFI LIVE software. I'd like to try EFI live before I make up my mind on them or HP Tuners I have downloaded HP's demo and have played with it a little I'm not sure where on EFI Live's site to download their demo is it the blue rectangle box that says " download" is this for their demo??? Or is this for the end user?? (Maybe if.

Anyone who is interested can use this license. Just download the free software from (You can get tune files from the tune file depot online.) Just save it as a file in your "\My Documents\EFILive\V\User Configuration" Overwrite the one already there from the free demo software. Nov 12, C5 Scan & Tune - EFILive V7 Scan tool and Flashscan tuning software demo now available! - Please d/l this and give it a shot and post any issues you find in the evaluation forum over at ?f= May 26, Tuning, Diagnostics, Electronics, and Wiring - EFILive demo download help - I've downloaded the latest software two different times from the officail.


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