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The GXSM is the Gnome X Scanning Microscopy project, it is a bit more than just a piece of software (the GXSM itself), there is full hardware support for DSP based SPM controller including open source DSP software and a growing set of SPM related electronics. And it is not limited to SPM at all, it provides generic. GXSM -- Gnome X Scanning Microscopy : A multi-channel image and vector- probe data acquisition and visualization system designed for SPM techniques ( STM. GXSM Installation Knowledge. Collection of generic and distribution dependent installation/compile knowledge. 1 2 3 > >> (Page 1 of 3).

GXSM - How to get it. Access to the GXSM SVN software archive. If you want the cutting edge / development version you can access the developer source code. File, Date, Author, Commit. branches, , zahl, [r] submitting development code "DSP-EMU hacks to g tags, , zahl, [r] tagging. by Ramon Resende Leite , Open Discussion. Everything else, which does not fit to any other Forum. Auto-Approach: wave forms by Percy Zahl.

GXSM-3 with Gnome 3 on Debian ( Testing) on a 3x 4K screen setup. Screenshot of running GXSM3 on 3x4K UHD screens, Gnome 3 Typical work space view of. 6 Aug Gxsm for Windows is the Windows version of the GXSM - Gnome X Scanning Microscopy, a complete open source software solution designed for Scanning Probe Microscopy-SPM techniques (Scanning Tunneling Microscopy-STM, Scanning Force Microscopy-AFM), but also SPA-LEED. 26 Jan The open source and community driven software project GXSM takes the next level to provide a highly and in-operando adaptable scanning probe microscopy (SPM) control system. A highly efficient digital signal processing (DSP) interfaces any SPM*a to a Linux based PC. Via a Gnome based GUI default.


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