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One piece opening 16 hands up

"Hands Up!" is the 16th opening for One Piece and the second opening of the second half of the series. The opening begins with a blank screen on which a sketch of Luffy is quickly drawn, which expands to show the full Straw Hat crew having a picnic. Color and tone are added in as the picture. Description: 16th opening. Performed by: Shinzato Kouta Lyrics: BACK-ON Music composition: BACK-ON View Kanji Japanese Kanji available. New Feature! In kanji view, mouseover a kanji character for lookup information! Lyrics from : imasugu ni motto HANDS UP! sou yume o utatte zutto STAND UP!. ONE PIECE lyrics: "Hands Up Opening 16". Ima sugu ni motto hands up! Sou yume wo utatte! Zutto stand up! Orenai hata kakage! Nando datte kabe wo koetanda. Tomarazuni saa ikou! Hands up! Mou sukoshi susundara kotae ni tadoritsukeru darou. Shinji tsuzuke tsukisusundekita atarashii sekai. Sousa bokura no.

Nov. Imasugu Ni Motto HANDS UP! Sou Yume O Utatte! Zutto STAND UP! Orenai Hata Kakage! Nando Datte Kabe O Koetanda Tomarazu Ni Saa Ikou! HANDS UP!! " Mou Sukoshi Susundara, Kotae Ni Tadoritsukerudarou." Shinji Tsuzuke Tsukisusundekita Atarashii Sekai Sousa Bokura No Yume No Kakera Wa. 14 Apr Raise more Hands Up now! Sing your dreams ~ Stand up forever! With our unbreakable flag! Let's keep breaking through the walls without ever stopping! Hands Up! If we keep moving forward, will we able to reach the answers? To the new world we've been kept believing on That's right, the fragments of.


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