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dcc_download_path = ~. The path to a directory where irssi will store DCC downloads. dcc_file_create_mode = The mode in which new files are created. is read/write by you, and readable by everybody else. is read/ write by you, nobody else can read or write. dcc_mirc_ctcp = OFF. Tells irssi to send CTCP. Q: How do I run scripts automatically at startup? A: Put them into ~/.irssi/scripts/ autorun/ directory. Or better would be if you placed them in ~/.irssi/scripts/ and created symlinks to autorun directory (eg. cd ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ ; ln -s../script. pl.). irssi config folder. Contribute development by creating an account on GitHub.

19 Dec There is a large database of these scripts available at To use them, download the perl scripts to your ~/.irssi/scripts directory, and then type: / run. Put the scripts (or symbolic links to them) in ~/.irssi/scripts/ autorun to make them load automatically when Irssi starts. It's important. 10 Apr Irssi expects all scripts to be located in the ~/.irssi/scripts/ directory. If you have stored a script in a subdirectory of ~/.irssi/scripts/, you need to specify that in the load command. Scripts placed in the ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ directory are loaded when Irssi starts. /script unload [script] unloads the specified script. 10 Aug If you do however want them to load when starting irssi, create a symlink in the folder ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun, just create the folder if it doesn't exist. symlink, what's that? Well, it's a special type of file that contains a reference to another file or directory in the form of an absolute or relative path. So in other.

29 Mar Irssi scripts are written i Perl and are usually located in ~/.irssi/scripts/. To load a script you can use the /script command: /script load Or you can auto-load the scripts so you don't have to use the script command every time you start Irssi. You can do this by putting -file in a folder called. --config=FILE: use FILE instead of ~/.irssi/config. --home=PATH: PATH specifies the home directory of Irssi. Default is ~/.irssi; -c, --connect=SERVER: connects to SERVER; -w, --password=PASSWORD: use PASSWORD for authentication. -p, -- port=PORT: automatically connect to PORT on server. -!, --noconnect: disables. 7 May When Irssi is installed, a ~/.irssi/ directory is created. This directory is the home of the configuration file for Irssi, any themes that you want to use and other data. To use a theme, drop the theme in the ~/.irssi/ directory, and in the Irssi client itself, type /set theme madcow if madcow is the theme that you.


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