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- /pub/software_update/labtype/template/. [To Parent Directory] Friday, August 30, AM RSSO1A_lxt. Wednesday, July 16, AM RSSO1A_lxt. Friday, February 20, AM RSSO1A_lxt. Friday, December 17, AM Advanced TRALI Mitigation Through HNA-3 Detection. LABScreen® Multi is the FDA cleared test for detecting both HNA and HLA antibodies. Distinguish leukocyte antibodies from autoantibodies with advanced crossmatch testing. - /pub/. [To Parent Directory] Monday, April 14, 6 PM software_update. Monday, April 14, PM tray_info.

The browser may default to save it as a WinZip sure to save it as file. To do this: open the Save As Type list box, and then select All files. When you download the file it will be properly formatted as file. (see Figure 1). Figure 1: Correcting the Save As File type. One Lambda, Inc. | Product Insert: Adsorb Out™. AD-SORB-PI-EN, Rev 3. Page 2 of 3. INSTRUMENT REQUIREMENTS. A. Microcentrifuge. B. Flow cytometer or LABScan™ SPECIMEN COLLECTION AND PREPARATION. A . Serum may be fresh or thawed. Serum samples should be centrifuged for 2 minutes at. 9. Tray seal. NOTE: PCR trays (25) and tray seals () sufficient for samples can be ordered from One Lambda. (OLI Cat. #PCRTRAC). Electrophoresis apparatus/power supplyV minimum capacity UV transilluminator (Fotodyne. FOTO/UV®21 or equivalent). Photographic or image documentation system.

One Lambda, Inc. | Product Insert: LABTypeTM XR and CWD DNA Typing Test. LTXRCWD-LTYP-PI-EN, Rev 2. Page 2 of REAGENTS. A. Identification. The LABType XR and CWD DNA Typing Tests provide sequence-specific oligonucleotide probes immobilized on microspheres for identification of HLA alleles in. One Lambda, Inc. | Product Insert: Micro SSP™ HLA DNA Typing Trays. SSP- DNAT-PI-EN, Rev Page 2 of REAGENTS. A. Identification. The Micro SSP™ DNA Typing Trays provide sequence-specific oligonucleotide primers for amplification of HLA alleles and the human β-globin gene by the polymerase chain. One Lambda, Inc. | Product Insert: LABScreen™. LS-LSCN-PI-EN, Rev Page 2 of 4. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for detailed information. C. Preparing Reagents for Use. 1. See Directions for Use, below. 2. If buffer salts have precipitated out of solution during shipment or storage, re-dissolve by gently .


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