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Garbo the spy movie

Garbo: The Spy (also known as Garbo, the Man Who Saved the World and Garbo : El Espia) is a Spanish documentary about Juan Pujol Garcia's role in the Garbo premiered at the Rome Film Festival on October 20, , opened in Spain on December 4, and opened at the Village East Cinema in New York on July. 18 Nov Movie Info. To the Nazis he was Codename: the British he was simply the world he was a 30 years after the facts and fiction, the cloak of mystery that kept him hidden and tied to Alaric and Garbo finally started to West, noted English Spy novelist, started out on a. 7 Dec What has hardly been known is how the Nazis were deluded. It was largely the work of a single man, Juan Pujol Garcia, a Spaniard who fed the Nazis a stream of misleading information from a spy network that existed entirely in his imagination. Edmon Roch's "Garbo the Spy" is an engrossing documentary.

Documentary · A compelling account of Juan Pujol, an extraordinary Spanish double agent during WWII who helped change the course of history. . His brilliantly imaginative approach to espionage was to invent dozens of fictional subordinate spies, then make up false information to feed to the Germans. This potentially. 18 Nov A true-life tale of espionage so brazen and crucial to World War II's outcome one marvels that it isn't better known; but the documentary would likely work better as a feature film. 10 Feb Oscar Issac has been set to star in The Garbo Project, a true-life WWII spy movie.

17 Nov Garbo the Spy” is about the derring-do of the World War II double agent Juan Pujol García and told with the flair of a Hollywood spy movie. 10 Feb The film is based on the true story of Juan Pujol Garcia, an eccentric double- agent who, with no military or covert training, somehow persuaded both the Germans and the British to hire him as a spy. His real allegiance was to England, and working closely with MI5, he created a fictional network of 27 spies.


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