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Style Works XT Universal provides conversion of style between any current arranger keyboards (and almost any older ones as well). Further you can edit styles on the PC and create styles from midifiles. A great solution if you own two or more instruments from different manufacturers and you want to exchange the styles. Welcome to the EMC Online Shop. Have fun on our website. Have any question how to use our software in combination with your keyboard? - Do not hesitate to ask us! Style Works XT Universal. from € *. Style Factory. from € *. Styles-to-the-Box. € *. Korg Pa User Bank Manager. € *. EMC Style Works XT. These are the most important features of our programs: Style Converter - for the conversion of other keyboards' styles for your instrument; you get access to all styles on the market, even to those which were not produced for your instrument. Song to Style Converter - for the creation of styles from.

21 Apr I've talked with Klaus Grosser at EMC, and he is willing to give all CSS members who want it a full trial of Style Works XT Universal. You can use this in two days, before deactivation occurs. I see this as a unique opportunity for members who want to learn how they can create styles. Klaus Grosser is also. the korg pa user style manager, this works.. you can drag&drop and that is good but the player will not work,, no sound.. they keep trying that good.. Still the EMC Style Works XT Korg Demo.. is dead. the old one works just fine on the pa,,, oh well, just wait for the update.. agian. OTHER KEYBOARDS OR CREATING STYLES FROM MIDI FILE SONGS With StyleWorks /Styleworks XT, A Windows program for PC! Yes with EMC Styleworks (Style Works) / Styleworks XT you can take an arrangement style from a Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Ketron, General Music, Technics, or Wersi keyboard.

Hi Donny, yes, I do have it. Basic difference is, there are now some basic editing tools. Which is handy. You can import & export individual tracks. So basically you could set up a bit of a database of phrases. It does the newer keyboards. Whether or not it does a better job of the conversion than the earlier.


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