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Smith chart plot

Using the Smith chart, the normalised impedance may be obtained with appreciable accuracy by plotting the point representing the reflection coefficient treating the Smith chart as a polar diagram and then reading its value directly using the characteristic Smith chart scaling. This technique is a graphical alternative to. This MATLAB function creates a Smith chart based on input data values. Files: (1) plotsmithchart.m. Usage: (1) plotsmithchart(Zl,Zo) Where Zl is the Load Impedence (possibly complex) and Zo is the Characteristic Line Impedence. Plots a smith chart, along with the reflection coefficient circle and the line of intersection with resistive component equal to 1. (2) plotsmithchart. Without any parameters.

Abstract: Tutorial on RF impedance matching using the Smith chart. Examples are shown plotting reflection coefficients, impedances and admittances. A sample matching network of the MAX is designed at MHz using graphical methods. Tried and true, the Smith chart is still the basic tool for determining. Get expert answers to your questions in Nomograms and Radio Frequency and more on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. 3 Jun A Smith Chart is the polar plot of complex reflection coefficient. Smith charts make calculations of impedance and admittance of any transmission line simple and easy. The most important application of Smith chart is Impedance matching.

4 Jan Smith V, 7'kB zip, Computer Smith-Chart Tool and S-Parameter Plot,, Newest assembly version is Check assembly version in window “ Help > About Smith”, see also "Known Issues V",


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