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water ball faqs

I have recently shared with you a complete guide to water ball. The post addressed almost everything you need to know about this funny game. If you haven’t read it, go ahead and check it out. In this post today, I would like to address some other questions you may have about this game when you first starting out

What is water walking ball?

Water walking ball has been around since the 70s, but until recently, it was only seen in music videos and movies. Now, the general public can easily buy it online. Water ball or water walking ball, as some of you may know it by, is a large inflatable ball that allows a person to get inside it and walk across the water. It’s similar to the zorb, but it only contains one layer and is designed distinctly for water travel and not rolling down hills. In the United Kingdom, it is common to find the ball being used in marinas, swimming pools and lakes – it’s a great way to keep children active and is a whole lot of fun.

How much is a water ball?

The price of the water walking ball will all depend on where you purchase it from and the design. We have seen these balls prices as low as $44 and as high as $799+.

How to inflate a water ball

Start out by tying the safety ropes to the buckles/loops that are located on the ball. Once that is done, open up the zipper, have the user step inside, pull the zipper to 10 cm and insert the outlet of the air blower. Turn the blower on. When you do this, wind will be blown into the ball, through the outlet. You will notice the ball inflating. Once it is fully inflated, simply pull the blower out, then pull the zipper closed.

How to play water ball

water ball 2

Once the water ball has been properly inflated, it’s time to start playing with the water ball! Help the individual safely walk to the water and just transition from the land to the water. Once on the water, you’ll start to feel wobbly, but that’s the excitement of using the water ball – see how long it takes you before you fall down!

You can also start a race with your friends. As with a typical race, you start out at the starting line and see who can reach the finish line first.

Where to buy the ball

While you can buy a water ball directly from the retailer via the World Wide Web or eBay, we believe the best place to purchase the water ball would be Amazon. Even better, if you have prime membership via Amazon, you may qualify for free shipping, which will help save even more money.

Are water walking balls dangerous?

If the water walking ball isn’t used properly, then yes, it can be dangerous. We noticed this product receiving a large amount of attention by the media – many outlets are issuing warnings and telling buyers to be aware of this product. From the stories we have read, it is only dangerous when not used properly. For example, there was this one case where an individual received a fracture because they rolled out of a shallow above ground pool and on top of hard ground. As a general rule of thumb, you should not stay in the water ball for longer than 15 minutes at a time, because once 15 minutes has passed, you may start to run out of air (this is common in small places). Also, it’s not a good idea to use the ball when you’re alone – whether you are a child or an adult, you should always have someone watching over you while you’re in this ball.

How do you breathe in a water walking ball?

An average 6.5 ft. diameter water walking ball has enough breathable air volume inside the ball so that the average person can easily breathe, just like they would if they were standing outside. You should not stay inside this ball for longer than 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, step out and refill it with fresh air.  Filling the ball up with fresh air is easy! Open up the air intake and insert the blower (someone can already be inside the ball). When someone wants to extend their time, they don’t even have to walk out of it – they can continue going after it is filled with fresh air.

What can you do inside the ball?

While in the ball, many people try to keep their balance and walk. It is even possible to do some pretty awesome acrobatic stunts. The balls can even be used in competition, like “Water Sumo,” where you try to push the other ball from a specific area or in racing. You can also use the ball as part of a fitness session.

Who can use the balls?

If you are drunk, you should avoid using the water ball. People that suffer from heart problems, high blood pressure or epilepsy are not recommended to use this product. If you have neck/back problems, are pregnant or have had surgery in the last 12 months, the water ball is not recommended.

Where can the water ball be used?

Water balls can be used anywhere where there is water – this includes pools, lakes, beaches, inflatable pools and amusement parks. If you use the water ball in open seas, safety nets should be used.

What happens if the ball is punctured?

If the ball gets a hole in it, there is no reason to panic. Small and large punctures can be patched up. If there’s a link in the ball, signal your friend to pull you to the shore. The ball isn’t going to sink unless it has been completely destroyed.

Will you get wet inside the water ball?

No, they are 100% waterproof, as long as they are used correctly.

How many people can use the ball at one time?

Maximum one per person.

What is the maximum weight for the user?

The maximum weight is 80kg.

Can the ball be opened from the inside?

Due to safety reasons, the ball cannot be opened from the inside.

So that’s it. Commonly asked questions are now answered! Are you ready to walk on the water?

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