Water Walking Ball – A Playing Guide


For those of you that are into outdoor fun and adventure, you may have heard of those giant balls you get inside and roll around in – they’re called zorbing balls. Now, there are water balls, which are similar to zorbing balls, but the difference is that the water ball only contains one layer of plastic. In today’s world, water walking has increased in popularity and truth be told, these are really cool balls. Since 1971, they have been featured in movies and music videos, but the only problem was the fact that they weren’t available for the general public to use.

What is Water Ball?

A water ball often referred to as a water walking ball is a large inflatable ball that allows an individual to get inside it and walk across water. The giant ball has a zippered entrance so the individual can easily get in and out of it – it measures around 2 meters. The ball is common in the UK and is used in marinas, swimming pools, parks and lakes.

Why Some People Should Play Water Waking Ball

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Why should people play water walking ball? Point blank, because it’s fun! Seriously, as long as you are physically able to, there’s no reason you shouldn’t hop inside one of these balls and walk across the water.

Apart from it being a whole lot of fun for children and adults, it is also great exercise. This is the type of exercise you’ll be doing, without even realizing you’re working out. So, if you despise exercise, but like to have fun, this would definitely be the route to take.

Apart from the water walking ball being fun and a great way to exercise, it is also safe to use. The safety feature was increased in these balls, starting with the rubber surfaces and the layer of air that is between it. Over the years, there have been some good improvements to these types of balls, so they are prepared for playing.

Did we mention they are great for adults? Today, you will find many adults rolling around inside these things as they are a common feature found in the water worlds. Many amusement parks and playgrounds choose to keeps these balls around so that people of all ages can enjoy playing games with the water walking ball.

Water Walking Ball Facts

The water ball isn’t something that just popped out from nowhere – as we previously stated, it has been around for quite some time, and it just hasn’t been available to the general public.

The first water ball appeared in the 1970s, but it wasn’t until 1998 that Charles Blane Jones introduced the first large commercial water walking ball.

These inflatable balls are super fun and there is no denying this fact, but how are they made? Most of the balls are made of 0.03 in PVC material. Some of the balls are made of thermoplastic polyurethane materials that are suitable for both cold weather and snow. The spheres that are made out of TPU have a tendency to have a large price tag stamped on them.

The average ball weighs 15 kilograms and you can easily inflate it in under 60 seconds with an air pump. Once you have inflated the ball, it is time to have fun. However, the downside here is the fact that you cannot stay inside the ball for longer than 15 minutes because there’s a limited air supply. If you stay inside any longer than this, it’s not going to be safe.

Both children and adults can easily fit inside the ball, but even though it is safe to use, adults will need to supervise children while they’re inside it.

Some of the balls include hand grips on each side inside in order to keep you stable as you’re walking across the water.

How to Play it

At first sight, this giant ball looks like something a hamster would have fun in.  Believe it or not, there are a variety of exciting games that children and adults can play while inside this big ball.

Racing! Racing just so happens to be many people’s favorites. This can be done with 2+ people in separate balls. As with a typical race, you start out at the starting line and see who can reach the finish line first.

If you only have one ball, that is fine – you can do a timed race to see who can make it from point A to point B the fastest.

Is Playing Water Ball Safe?

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As of right now, due to the popularity, the water ball has captured a large amount of attention from the media – many claim that it is unsafe to use. However, as long as there is proper adult supervision and rules are followed, it should be safe to use.

Water balls have been used by the general public, safely in 50+ countries throughout the world since 1998. Yes, we’re not going to lie to you – there are some serious safety concerns when it comes to using the water ball in the sea. However, 99% of amusement parks use this ball inside swimming pools, or where water levels aren’t over 2 ft and the individual inside the ball is under supervision at all times by trained staff.

If not used properly, yes, you could get an injury while using the ball. There was one case we are aware of where an individual suffered a fracture after they fell out of an above ground pool onto the ground.

So, that’s it.

While the water ball is something that has been around for years, it seems as if it is just not starting to get popular as more and more people are starting to use it. While it is fun to play in, it is important that you follow proper guidelines and always consider your safety.

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