Zorb Ball Buying Guide


Zorbing is a fun game that can be played with many different people. To play the game, you have to first buy a zorb ball. It’s a large, inflatable ball that you can get inside of. Once you are inside, you can just roll the ball across a gentle slope, resulting in a fun experience. It’s the perfect game for children above the ages of 6, while adults can enjoy it as well. Many places that offer zorbing activities also provide the balls on rent. However, avid participants prefer buying their own ball.

The activity is quite common in areas that have gentle slopes, and can also be played on flat land. Harnessed zorbing balls are suitable for one or two riders, whereas non-harnessed balls can accommodate up to three riders.


The zorbing ball is designed to withstand lots of impact and features two sections. It is basically like two balls, one inside of the other. There is a layer that separates the balls, which makes it different from a conventional water walking ball, as that only features a single, thin wall. The double layer serves as a shock absorber for the people inside the ball, preventing them from bumps as they roll downhill.

Usually, the zorbing balls are generally quite lightweight and are made from flexible plastic. A typical ball has about three meters of space inside, and a small harness to keep the rider fixed in the center. However, you can also find non-harnessed zorbing balls, which throw the rider around in free motion as they move around. The thickness of the plastic is generally 0.8 millimeters, and hundreds of small nylon strings are used to keep the zorbing balls in place. Usually, these balls have at least one or two entrances for getting in and out.

Zorbing has turned into an international sport, and was officially recognized as a word by the Oxford English Dictionary in 2001, which describes it as a sport where a participant must get inside a large, transparent capsule and be rolled down a hill.

Zorbing is available at numerous locations, and you will usually have to pay a small fee to participate. You can either bring your own zorbing ball, or rent one for the day, in which case you will have to pay damages if the ball bursts or is damaged during the activity. A number of franchise-based companies have also entered the market after considering the profit potential in the market. The cushioning of the zorbing ball prevents serious injuries, and there have only been a few isolated incidents over the past few decades where people have sustained serious injuries as a direct result of taking part in zorbing.

Where to Buy?

Where to buy a zorbing ball is a slightly tricky question. Zorbing balls are available in many different locations. You might be able to find them at your local sports store, or they may be available at any recreational or toy store. Before buying a particular ball, you should first check the size of it. Kids’ zorbing balls are generally smaller in size, whereas adult balls are bigger and designed to fit people with varying body types.

If you can’t find them at any local store, you should know that there are many places which sell zorbing balls online. Websites such as Amazon and eBay sell a variety of different zorbing balls, though there are numerous private companies that sell these balls as well. You can also have custom balls made through numerous private manufacturers. You can send them a picture or a sketch of the kind of ball that you are looking for, and they will quote you a price for the design. The zorbing ball is generally made from a highly durable, resilient material that is non-toxic and able to sustain a high level of impact. Most balls are made from a new material called thermoplastic elastomer urethane copolymer, or TPU. The material offers the following benefits:

  • Resistant to impact
  • Resistant to atmospheric conditions
  • Excellent strength
  • Soft to touch
  • Resistant to low temperatures
  • Resistant to hydrolysis

Now, if you are in the market for a new zorbing ball, here are the five best balls that you will find on reputable websites.

This zorb ball is designed to resemble a soccer ball, complete with black pentagonal shapes all around it. It is originally available in a transparent color, though you can buy it in red, yellow, green, and in colored dots as well. The material is 0.8 mm Plato PVC and the ball comes with a warranty of two years. It is heat sealed, so you don’t have to worry about the ball getting damaged easily.

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This zorb ball has harnesses inside and blue accents for highlighting the in and out points. It has a diameter of around 2.5m, and you can also print your own logo on the ball. It is available in two shades, blue and clear. It comes with a free repair kit as well as a guarantee of one year.

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Suitable for children ages six years and up, this inflatable zorb ball is available in a multitude of different colors, such as yellow, green, red, and blue. You can order it online directly, and it comes with a one-year guarantee as well as a free repairing kit in case the ball gets damaged.

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This is a multi-colored zorb ball that features nylon strings in different shades. It has a diameter of 2.5m and is made from 0.8mm thick PVC. The zorb ball comes with a carrying bag and a repair kit so you can move it about without any worry!

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Retailing at a price of $869, this is one of the more expensive zorb balls in the market right now. It has a 2.5m diameter and is available in different shades such as blue, red, yellow, and green. It comes with a free repair kit and a guarantee of up to one year.

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These are just some of the best zorb balls in the market that offer excellent value for your money!


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